Monday, March 15, 2010

You lose again God!

So Apparently something pretty big just happened here in our beloved Lone Star State; we successfully escaped being as completely ass-backwards as Kansas. With a 19-11 vote Senate Democrats, led by my boo Leticia Van de Putte, successfully blocked the confirmation of Don McLeroy (creepy guy to the left) from his post as Chairman of the Texas Board of Education. Hailing from the bastion of tolerance and progress that is College Station McLeroy, a dentist by practice and an avowed creationist, had recently come under intense scrutiny for his increasingly radical views. Among his many golden ideas was the formal endorsement of a science book which described parents who want their kids to learn about evolution as "monsters," scientists as "atheists," and clergy who see no conflict between science and faith as "morons." He was also rumored to have attempted to concentrate all evolutionists in some some sort of camp but details were sketchy at best. Although he will no longer chair the board he will still remain a seated member. Personally, through my 12 years of catholic school science was always my favorite subject, especially the Old Testament.

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