Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey, Look at the Two Little Sissies !!

So, a couple of weeks ago I have an exam in Existentialism. I'm pretty confident but my nervous energy usually doesn't allow me to sleep the night before big tests. I study all night, the test is at 2 and I get to school around 10. I spend a couple of hours rehashing all my notes at the PCL and after I felt I knew everything I took a little stroll through campus and eventually ended up in the Philosophy Reading Room in Wagner Hall an hour before the test. I noticed another student had his notes sprawled out on a table and was frantically pouring over everything. I asked if I could join him for a little study session and he obliged. Now, I guess the best way to describe this guy is a borderline autistic mega-nerd. He's clearly intelligent, in fact he enunciates his words with an egregious precision and it is abundantly clear that he has never been laid. He's also pretty arrogant. Nevertheless we proceed to ask each other questions and I bring up a certain scene in Camus's the Stranger which I found particularly hilarious. He didn't read the book, as we were assigned, so I had to spell out the story in detail. The protagonist, Clement, is arrested for murder and thrown in jail. As it is French-Colonial Tunisia his cell is filled with nothing but Africans, "Moors". Everyone in the cell begins to laugh at the haughty little white boy Clement and one guy asks him "What are you in for?". With a stoic face Clement replies: "I killed a Moor". Now this is the part where I start laughing uncontrollably because I picture their laughter giving way to dead silence and blank stares. This kid didn't think it was that funny so told him it reminded me of the three amigos, particularly the scene where the two Germans walk into the Catina. A large, dusty Mexican declares "Hey, Look at the Two little sissies !!" and then the Germans proceed to ruthlessly murder almost everyone in the bar. At this point the Kid is looking at me as if I am a) insane, b) retarded or c) some combination of the two. Clearly disturbed by what I have just relayed to him this kid packs up all his things and goes to sit in the hall.

The End.

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